About two years ago, I swear Michael Jackson was trying to tell me something. For 5 weeks straight, the first and last thing that popped into my head, and stayed strong all day long, was his “Wanna Be Starting Something” song on repeat!

It was so bad, and I lamented about it enough, that one of my web developers decided to use Michael’s lyrics to create one bad ass password for me (hence a daily reminder to reinforce the stuck song…)

New Password: Soyouwanttobestart!ngsometh1ng!

Thanks, Joe…

Well, I never found out just what Michael was trying to tell me, but I did have his song pop into my head again last night while trying to fall asleep next to my Darth Vader breathing husband. (Believe me. It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re laughing!)

And it got me thinking. Why did the song pop up again?

And why was I enjoying it rather than going nuts like the last time? I’ll tell you why. It’s because I not only WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING, I know what that “something” is!

Introducing my new business, #doallthethings with Lia Mack, where I offer project management and accountability services to people who want to do it all, whether in business, life or both!

Yep. I’m pulling in ALL my skills to offer the best project and accountability services you can find. I work with people one on one, or with teams and groups to make magic happen!

Ready to Launch Your Next BIG Idea ?

Need Help being Accountable?

Want to Organize and Plan out ALL your Bright Ideas?

Overwhelmed just thinking about it?!

Not anymore. I want you to be awe inspired  by just how much you can accomplish.

And no, that doesn’t mean being more busy and more overwhelmed and doing everything all at once, all of the time. Rather, I work with you to set you up for success so that you can #doallthethings with joy, ease and comfort.

Ready to work with me? 

Know someone who NEEDS to work with me?

Book a Call with me TODAY!

And next time Michael starts talking, listen! I knew years ago that this type of move – being my own boss – was what I needed to do. I had been my own boss before and had really loved it. So I’m super excited to be able to do it again, and in a way that I’ll be working with people one on one to make magic happen!

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