SNOW DAY! Yay!!!!
Don’t you just love Snow Days… a day to basically do whatever you want to do (with possible travel limitations) as everything is closed! School, work, banks, malls even! At least that’s how it is here near #Baltimore. Everything closes (sometimes for no snow at all, only the threat, lol)… So what’s a person to do?
We’re all given days, moments, when our regularly-scheduled-program is suspended for a time. What a joyous gift! For me, I’m up instead of sleeping in as I find this PRIME TIME to write. But that’s me. What about you?
What do YOU want to do?
It’s not always that we can do what we want to do, or finish what we’ve thought we could do all day (I’m personally writing as quietly as possible and keeping the dogs quiet too so as not to wake my kiddos! Because then it’s quitting time for a while to suit them up for the snow ♡)
However, that should never stop you from asking yourself, “What do I want in this moment?” And allowing whatever to come, come.
That’s not to say that this “thing” that you want will always be a selfish me-only time thing. But even if it is (as in my case today) let it come! And, if you know you need to hop out of bed on your free day to get some time in towards your own, personal goals, what’s stopping you? Fear of commitment? Fear of being stopped too soon? Fear of actually accomplishing something, JUST FOR YOU?…
That’s a thought.
Whatever comes up, allow it to come up. Journal about it. Think on it. And if you need help diving deep to discover what it is that you truly want and want to do with your time on this sweet ol’Earth, contact me! I’m all in when it comes to helping others figure out how to get back to themselves after being sidelined, or finding themselves for the first time.
Life’s busy, messy, hectic. And we can get lost in the mix. But it doesn’t have to be that way♡
Just imagine – you have a snow day… a free pass day! … What would you want to do with your free pass today?…
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