Book Me as Your NEXT SPEAKER!

Even though I’m an introvert, I love, love, love! speaking in front of groups, both big and small. It’s like a performance, especially when everyone gets excited and involved with what I’m saying.

And it’s not uncommon for me to leave the stage to a swarm of hugs and tears. I love it, how people feel moved. Sometimes all it takes is hearing that one person put it into words, just so, and people get motivated. Things change. And the world becomes a better place.

Below is my highly curated list, however I can be quite impromptu when needed. So, if you have a different need and want to work with me, great! Contact me anytime and let’s discuss.

My Presentation/Workshop Topics Include:

  • “Organize, Prioritize, Realize!”TM – Reaching your Goals, FINALLY!
    • which turns into many, such as:
      • Writing Your Book – FINALLY!
      • Starting Your Business – FINALLY!
      • Checking off Your Bucket List Item – FINALLY!
      • and more… all projects are the same… let me know your niche and I will make it fit!
  • “Overwhelmed NO MORE!”TM Getting Set Up for Success
  • “Let’s DO THIS!”TM How to Launch Your Project NOW
  • “Fight Back to Life”TM  – Fighting Back & Healing From Life’s Detours
    • Fighting Back & Healing From Lyme Disease
    • Fighting Back & Healing From Sexual Violence
    • Fighting Back & Healing From Endometriosis
  • “Obstinance is Key”TM – Using Life’s Up’s and Down’s to Your Advantage