SMART goals are all the rave, and if you haven’t heard about them or seen the acronym until now, you’re in for a treat! I’m all about getting to the point, so let’s dive into what SMART means for you as a multi facetted, multi passionate person and entrepreneur.

Life’s a buffet and we want to do it all. So how do we ensure our goals are SMART?

Easy. Following these simple SMART goal guidelines will help you ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. And isn’t that exactly what we’re all looking for?

SMART stands for Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relatable, Time-bound. And using the SMART Goal guidelines will help you decide what’s best to do next on your big list of bright ideas and goals to accomplish in business and life.

Let’s start with SPECIFIC.

Ask yourself – is this goal of yours SPECIFIC? Seriously, look at it with a fine-toothed comb. If you can’t because it’s a snarled mess of an idea, obviously this goal is not specific enough yet, therefore it won’t be able to even move past the first letter in the SMART Goal Guidelines!

So, how do you take a snarl of a mess idea and thin it out enough so that it’s SPECIFIC? Well, don’t go so far as to break it down into tasks and to-do lists. Those aren’t goals. A goal is a specific thing that you want to accomplish. Run for Office. Launch a Book. Redesign a Website. These are GOALS. And their specific enough to be captured in a lineage of tasks and to-do lists to accomplish it.


Oh, boy. Why does it feel like I’ve lost half the crowd bringing up this word? Why does it scare us to admit that a goal is meaningful? Or, worse, NOT meaningful? Shouldn’t goals be something we do even when we don’t want to? Like work, right? We don’t always get to do what we want when we want. And seriously, why does it HAVE to mean anything anyway? Can’t we just accomplish it and be done with it?

What, like tissue paper? You really want to invest time, energy and money into something disposable? Is your goal MEANINGFUL? It’s a question and you’re going to answer it. Doesn’t mean it has to mean the World, but it can! It can be as simple as, “this goal is meaningful to me because by doing it, I’ll be able to move onto something more fulfilling.” See? It could be getting that certification that sucks to go through, but then you can get that job or build that business you’ve always knew you were meant to do. It’s meaningful.


You want to start a business. Or you already have a business, but want to start up another side hustle, this time in a totally different arena. No biggie. Multi passionate people do it all the time. And you’ve done it before, so no problem doing it again, right? Probably. But ask yourself, HOW will you do it? WHEN will you do it? With everything else you’ve got going on, is it ACHIEVABLE?

You ask me, anything is possible. But not everything is achievable. Oxymoron? Not quite. Anything is possible. Seriously. Anything! We’re only limited by our imagination… and our commitment levels. What’s our commitments to others? To ourselves? Do they match? Or are we more committed to helping someone else build their dreams until we’re ready to build ours? I’ve worked with clients who, in THIS SEASON OF LIFE, it’s not achievable to do what’s possible. So they put their goal off until a better time when they can commit to their goal. And it’s okay! Just because you want to do something does not mean you have to do it now. You can put things off until a better time.

Because it has to be RELEVANT.

Is your goals RELEVANT to your here and now? Is it? I’ve got a client itching to run for office. But now is not the time. Why? It’s not relevant. She first wants to establish herself as an entrepreneur, author and advocate. Run for office before she does all that and she runs the risk of running a campaign that doesn’t fit the persona she wants to put forth. Or another client who wants to take his company national! A great specific goal and totally achievable! But it’s not relevant to his here and now, as he first needs to establish his company and his product line.

Just because a goal isn’t RELEVANT, doesn’t mean it’s not doable. It just means now is not the time. And as one who has bright ideas by the handful and wants to go running off in millions of directions because you KNOW all of them will be provide income or what have you, does not mean that now is the time. Prioritizing your goals out can help you see just what is relevant NOW.

Speaking of TIME…

All goals have to have a TIME frame. They have to be TIME bound. Otherwise, other bright and shinny ideas will win you over and you’ll ditch your goals for the next, and the next! And guess what? Nothing ever gets done. Give yourself a time frame for when the goal needs to be accomplished by. And if it doesn’t get done on TIME, there needs to be consequences. Like losing out on another opportunity. Or losing out on the money you paid to get things done! That usually helps people focus a great deal. The treat of losing good ol’cash.

So, there you have it. Of course there are many, many variations on SMART Goals and a lot of them have extra letters, but this is enough. This is the first step in setting yourself up for success. Deciding if your goal is SMART.

And if you need help planning out your goal and how to accomplish it, people hire me to do that all the time. Or if you have a plan but need a reliable accountability partner that you don’t have to return the favor to, but just focus on your own to-do’s, call me! I work with all sorts of people and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams and make magic happen.

Are you ready to get SMART and be awe inspired by just how much you’re able to accomplish?

Book a Call with me today and let’s get down to business.

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