Hi. I’m Lia Mack.

We all get to write the story of our lives. And as a multi passionate person and entrepreneur, I know how it is to want to do ALL THE THINGS. And why not? Life is a buffet… eat up! (my six word motto)

Yet sometimes just thinking about all the bright ideas you have and wondering how you’re going to accomplish it all gets people overwhelmed, sometimes to the point of immobilization. I totally get it. Been there!

That’s why I developed mad organization and prioritization skills to remove the overwhelm and get on with my life, fulfilling my dreams of owning my own business(es), writing, getting published, dance professionally, painting murals from coast to coast and more.

And now I work with clients to take away the overwhelm so they too can reach their goals and live out their dreams.

So, whether you want to grow your business or cross off that item on your bucket list,
work with me and I’ll help you get to your finish line.

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"Lia Mack is a true, go-getting professional. She's got an eye for detail, a great presentation and a genuine enthusiasm for life that filters through everything she does. I'm giving her five stars all-around!"
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Work With Me

Personalized & Customized FOR YOU

There are tons of free online tools out there, as well as free templates, to plan out your goals. Only, none of them take YOU into consideration. When you work with me, not only do you get your project planned, managed and completed, you can rest assured that it will be done WITH you. You won’t have to fight a system to make it work. I’ll set it up so it’ll work for YOU.

Multi Passionate Too

I get it. You have more ideas and dreams than you have time. And you want to do it all! Guess what? When you work with me, YOU CAN and YOU WILL. I know what it’s like to be multi passionate, so I know how to keep you and all your ideas on track to ensure your dreams become reality!

Expect Magic to Happen

It’s a talent of mine. I can take a mess of a project and streamline a plan. I can take a disjointed team and bring them together. I can take a process that used to work like a well-oiled-machine and help make it one again. I want you to be awe inspired by what you’re able to accomplish so you can do even more! When you work with me, we will make magic happen.

Let's DO ALL THE THINGS Together!

Don’t see anything here that fits your needs? NO WORRIES!

Book a call with me today and let’s see how we can work together.

“DO ALL THE THINGS!” Accountability Services
  • Perfect for those who need help being held accountable.
  • 1:1 Download Sessions to Discuss Your Project in-depth.Weekly 30-minute 1:1 Accountability Sessions.
  • 24/7 Email support for duration of sessions (because when you work with me, you are NEVER ALONE)
  • Can be added to "Overwhelmed No More" Package
  • Add Planning & Prioritizing Services at anytime
  • Add Project Management Services at anytime
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“Overwhelmed No More!” Organization Services
  • Perfect for those who Need Help with the Overwhelm.
  • 1:1 Download Sessions to Unpack your Mind
  • 1:1 Prioritization & Organization Session to Set you Up for Success
  • Walk Away with a Personalized plan to meet your goal(s).
  • 24/7 Email support for duration of package (because when you work with me, you are NEVER ALONE)
  • Add Accountability Coaching and/or Project Management Services at anytime
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“Let’s DO THIS!” Project Launch Services
  • Perfect for those READY to get to get their project(s) done!
  • 1:1 Download Sessions to Discuss Your Project in-depth.
  • 1:1 Prioritization & Organization Sessions to Set you Up for Success
  • Weekly 30-minute 1:1 Accountability Sessions.
  • Custom Process & Tools to fit the way you work.
  • 24/7 Email support for duration of package (because when you work with me, you are NEVER ALONE)
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Success Stories...

Here are a few real life examples from my experiences, where I’ve helped bring joy, ease, happiness (and time!) to the people I’ve worked with.


Side Hustle No More

It’s hard to see how you’ll get from Point A to Opening Day when you’re drowning in notes and you lack the time to set it all up and get it done.

Scaling up is hard work.

Growing your business means so many things, not only a healthier bottom line in the end, but also all the hard work to get there.

Creating Improved Business Processes.

Knowing something is broken and knowing what to do is often difficult.

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